About us

The “Snowflakes” Experience

Motesh and I have been showing dogs from the age of 14 that’s close to 22 years back as in 2011, Times changed in between and Motesh took a sharp turn from the Textile Technology he studied to a life of Hitech Farming and Dogs, whereas I had to take a break of a few years from Dogs due to compulsions of my family run Machine Tool and Automation Business. .

Jointly we have had many winning Lhasapsos and have had good wins with our Top Lhasa ‘Red Hot Chilly Peppers-Frisky’ and ‘Terry’ two decades ago. Times when we used to bunk Classes in School and Hop along with Other Show Goers

Otherwise lots of Experience was gained over the years, and with Motesh choosing the path into dogs from a registered Ring Steward with Kennel Club of India to be an aspiring Judge some day in his life, I am sure that if all goes well he will make it someday. In Breeding and Showing he has already completed Terriers, Hounds, Gundogs and Pastorals under the Prefix Vimi’s. Left out are Toys and Working dogs along with the Miles after that which have to be crossed. I hope some day he realizes his dreams.

Other than us, our Golden’s, the Lovely Flowers and the Few Cows there are more interesting things for our friends who visit “SNOWFLAKES”, which include a private waterfall within the Estate, a great wilderness drive on the mud roads in the adjacent mountains where you can sight Bison, Wild Boar, Porcupines, Wild Goats and an occasional Bear or Leopard . Also we have some great places to trek around, enjoy some stunning views along with the serene beauty of the landscape with the little villages in it. A unique experience in all.

The Dogs Enjoy this place, and when I bring them to my home to the city from the Hills they literally tell me in every possible way to take them back to the estate, where they have a world of their own. After few days I and my daughter somehow bribe them to ease and make them stay back till next summer. Lol.

I live down in the plains 55 Kms away from the farm in the Industrial City of “Coimbatore” also known as the “Manchester of South India” for its contribution into textiles where a couple of dogs stay at home except for peak summer where we run two small family run business into manufacturing CNC Machine Tools, Automation and Customized machinery which can be viewed on www.specialmachines.net …….On the other hand Motesh and His Wife Mithuna stay close to the Farm and take personal care of our small family of Goldens, A German Shepard Lana (Channel vom Messebau-D/o VA7-Marko Della Valcuvia)

imported from the Top Kennel Messabau of Germany and her mischievous son “Flipp”, a few cows and a Fairly Large Horticultural farm growing flowers like Carnescians, Jarbara, William and cut foliage for export, supported technically by his Pathologist father Dr .Mohan who is one of the worlds most renowned scientists into “Mushroom Culture”.

The “Vimi’s Horticultural Farms” inside which “Snowflakes” is located was named in memory of Motesh’s Mother Vijayalakshmi whom he lost at an early age of 9.

As Narrated By Manoj